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Ready to Receive Your Calls

As a leading inbound telemarketing agency with over 500 dedicated call professionals and seven modern call centers, Marketlink has the talent, technology and experience to carry out your customer care program.

Each year, we take millions of calls on behalf of B2B companies and B2C companies from a wide variety of industries. Our highly trained call professionals will know your products, services and company culture, and provide genuine and helpful service to your customers and clients.

Calls we receive include: 

• Sales • Order Management
• Customer Service • Customer Appreciation
• Direct Response • Customer Retention
• Inquiry Handling • Customer Service Up-Sells
• Live Operator Assistance  
Industries we serve include:

• Retail • Insurance
• Agriculture • Publishing
• Financial • Telecommunications
• Cable  

Please contact us to learn how Marketlink can provide genuine customer service every time your customers call.

Inbound Telemarketing Program Estimator - Marketlink

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