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Why should I consider telemarketing?

Because your customers want to talk to real people. Real people who know your company and can provide genuine, helpful and immediate customer service. With over 500 dedicated call professionals and seven Midwest call centers at your disposal, you’ll have the talent, technology and experience to meet your customers’ needs and fulfill your objectives.


Why should I outsource my call center?

Because call centers are expensive. Training call professionals is expensive. And because you don’t gain two decades of telemarketing experience over night. Outsourcing your inbound or outbound call program through Marketlink is the cost-effective solution to your sales and customer service needs.


Will my clients know they're talking to telemarketers?

Not at all. At Marketlink, our business is mastering yours. We’ll not only customize a program that meets your unique business needs – we’ll take time to carefully learn your company culture, history and internal protocols so we can serve as an authentic extension of your business.


Does Marketlink specialize in outbound or inbound telemarketing?

Both. And sometimes both for the same client. It all depends on what you need to better serve your current clients and to connect with qualified prospects. We have outbound call professionals who specialize in sales and lead generation, as well as inbound call professionals who are masters of sales and customer care.


How much do telemarketing programs cost?

Well, every call program is unique. So to provide you a general idea of how much your call program would cost, we have created an intuitive Call Program Estimator. We encourage you to give it a whirl and to contact us for additional details.


Have additional questions?

Then feel free to contact us at your soonest convenience. We take every call seriously - particularly yours. So shoot us an email or give us a call when you get the chance. We’d love to speak with you and we’ll both be glad you called.

Questions? - Marketlink

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