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They won't miss your can't-miss events

Your company invests significant time and considerable resources in order to organize events that offer value, education and entertainment. With all that goes into booking venues, planning accommodations, and lining up talent – little time is left for attendance recruitment.

Don’t let empty seats spoil your efforts and sully your reputation. Partnering with a proven B2B event marketing firm like Marketlink ensures your speakers and presenters have the opportunity to address a full house.

We’ve helped recruit qualified attendees for events of all sizes, from one of the top 100 executive trade show events in the country to regional sales and marketing venues. Now, we’re ready to help make your event a success.

Outbound telemarketing is highly effective in reaching the right people and sharing the right information about your events. Whereas direct mail and email invitations are so easily discarded, our 500-plus dedicated outbound telemarketing professionals are personable and persuasive in communicating the benefits of your events to qualified prospects.

Business-to-business event marketing is proven to boost attendance. We know how to fill seats. We get them there so you can engage them. And an interested and involved audience is what generates a vibrant atmosphere and ultimately creates a memorable event for all who attend. Because after all, empty seats just aren’t good at giving standing ovations.

Common Event Marketing Applications Include:

  • Registration & Attendance Recruitment
  • Post Event Research
  • Event Reminder Calls
  • Datebase Enhancement
  • Attendee Qualification
  • Event Follow-Up


B2B Event Marketing | Outbound Telemarketing Services - Marketlink

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