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About Us

We called during the OJ high-speed chase

At Marketlink we’ve been making telemarketing magic since 1992, owning the phone even before OJ’s white Bronco stole America’s TV screens.

Every outbound call we place or inbound call we receive is another chance to give your customers the best five minutes they’ll enjoy all day – if not all week. Yes, it’s quite humbling to consider the millions of lives we’ve enriched over the phone.

That we have connected with so many people is a testament to our strong connections with some of the most reputable B2B and B2C companies in America. As a nationally recognized member of the American Teleservices Association, we have the extraordinary privilege of speaking for companies of varied sizes from a variety of industries.

From Fortune 500 corporations serving a worldwide clientele to mid-size companies targeting niche audiences, we are the link that connects companies to consumers and businesses to other businesses. From our seven locations in Iowa and Minnesota, our 500-plus dedicated telemarketing professionals speak with everyone imaginable, from farmers to doctors to business owners.

In providing exceptional B2B and B2C call center services, sales and lead generation, order managment and publication renewal calling, we help clients achieve new found levels of success. We’ve been doing it for two decades. Now, we’re ready to do it for you.

About Us | Telemarketing Sales and Call Center Services - Marketlink

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