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So...who's paying those monstrous phone bills anyw

It takes some real talent to oversee seven call centers and 500-plus call service professionals. Luckily, Marketlink has its fair share of managerial maestros. So, just who’s paying those mind-boggling phone bills each month? Why, let’s meet them right now...

Kourtney Keough, President/CEO

Because she insists on baking delicious cakes for every occasion (she once baked a decadent three-layer Devil’s food cake to celebrate a successful root canal) Kourtney is affectionately referred to as the “Cake Boss” around the office. Besides cake, she loves watching TLC’s Hoarders. Even does a little hoarding herself. She has 25 pairs of black heels, for crying out loud. She even hoards certifications, like a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from University of Northern Iowa and a Masters in Business Administration from Drake University. She bakes. She hoards. She rocks.

Robert Beaman, Senior Vice President of Operations

Robert – or Roberto as nobody in the office calls him – is Marketlink’s senior vice president of operations, meaning he’s responsible for all the smooth operating taking place in our seven call centers. Prior to his vice presidenting, Robert spent over 20 years in sales and marketing management for an international equipment manufacturer. And, he rides a Harley, loves Mexican food and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University. Yeah, you want him on your team. But don’t you go trying to recruit him.

Sandy Dunn, Chief Financial Officer

It’s Sandy who always keeps things fun and friendly around the office – not to mention keeping the facilities running smooth.   She’s a financial planner and budget manager, helps out with human resources, and, well, she’s just a downright delightful woman to chat with. And to top it off, she holds an associates degree from American Institute of Business in Accounting and a B.A. degree in Accounting from Upper Iowa University…We couldn’t be gladder to have her on (running) our team.

Andrea Henson, Director of Compliance and Production

Andrea serves as Marketlink’s Director of Compliance and Production. She can get people to comply with rules they don’t even know exist. Why, she can even get automobiles to comply with her super high standards, as evidenced by the fact her car is still producing after an unfathomable 300,000 miles – most of which were tallied driving too and from Jimmy Buffett concerts. Andrea earned an M.S. from Iowa State University and a B.A. from St. Cloud State University, all while complying with a regular schedule of margaritas and chocolate. Impressive indeed.

Tonya Goos, Director of Client Services

Tonya is perhaps our most valuable employee and not because she manages our greatest asset – our clients – but because she has by far the coolest surname probably ever: Goos. Company productivity is always – always – heightened when Top Gun references abound. These are simply the facts. Here’s another fact: Prior to joining our team, Tonya spent 10 years in sales and marketing in the software industry. Another fact: She earned her B.A. degree from Dordt College. And she’s a fashionista to top it all off, proving that even unsightly bright green shoes qualify as business casual.

Greg Bodensteiner, Information Technoldogy Director

Greg was hired recently to lead our IT guru team and ensure that everybody and everything stays connected to make and take the calls.  Greg is an Iowa Hawkeye and St. Louis Cardinals fan and enjoys communing with nature while camping with his family.  Our resident baseball player is a 4-year letterman from Upper Iowa University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  His 20+ years of experience involve various aspects of IT, such as help desk, network & security systems.

Felicia Pinero, Business Analyst Supervisor

Felicia joined Marketlink as a Client Support Specialist in 2001, was promoted to CSS Supervisor in 2006, and since 2008 has served as Business Analyst Supervisor, analyzing data systems and data solutions. Yeah, smart people stuff. And Felicia’s a smart cookie. She watches every episode of the Big Bang Theory and actually gets all the jokes. Furthermore, her favorite food is broccoli. Seriously…broccoli. Only smart people can say that.


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